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Kids with Ribbon

The Ribbon is an ever growing number of meter-by half-meter (or one yard by half-yard) pictures, sewn or painted on fabric, showing what each individual maker loves most and wants to protect by abolishing nuclear weapons, ending wars and preserving the environment.


The pictures show families, animals, soccer games, oceans, the seasons, homes...

Each Ribbon segment celebrates the beauty and importance of life. When symbolically tied together they show we are ready to join with all humanity in protecting Earth's life.

Trees and Ribbon


Nothing in the history of art compares to this enormous effort
by people of many nations uniting in world support for the care and protection of the earth.



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The Ribbon International is a Non Governmental Organization in Association with the United Nations Department of Global Communications.

 Justine Merritt, Founder of the Ribbon, passed on Jan. 7, 2009.  May the peace Justine spread throughout the world continue to grow.


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